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Non Members $99 with Registration by Aug 10

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General Admission at the Door – $159

Saturday August 17, 2019 ~ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm PST
Anaheim, California
Bank – 7 Hours of CFI and IICRC CEH’s

“WildFire Season” – Marketing, Securing & Getting Paid with Patrick Moffett

Are you ready for the upcoming wildfire season?

Find out what you need to know to secure work, market your services, increase your profits, and protect your assets. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
As professional cleaners we all know how to do the work. Patrick will guide us through the process of marketing, securing, and getting paid for the work.

Learn “How” as Your Questions are Answered:

  • “Got Skills?” – How to market your skills to building owners, property managers, insurance adjusters, and contractors as an IICRC cleaning and restoration specialist
  • “Get Paid” – How to properly document your work, get the contract signed, payment for added costs and when to expect payment
  • “Get the Smell Out” – How to access smoke damaged materials for appropriate cleaning and deodorizing
  • “On-site vs Off-site?” – Can cleaning be successfully completed in wildfire impacted structures?
  • “Take Control” – Complications in working under the direction of building owner, insurance company, and as a subcontractor
  • “Scope of Work” – Benefits of an Industrial Hygienist writing your scope of work

“What Insurance Coverage Do I Need?” with Owen Chamber

Owen Chamber has been an Insurance Agent for 33 years with the past 14 in the Commercial Lines coverage. Owen is the main contact for CFI members insured through our Associate Member, Driscoll & Driscoll, and specializes insuring restoration and cleaning contractors. D&D is the largest providers of insurance for our industry, offering CFI members insurance coverage discounts.
Owen is there to take care of CFI members. He’s got your back…and your assets! Especially when you need it the most!

Get the Answers to Your Most Popular Questions:

  • “Do I need it?” – What insurance coverage do I really need?
  • “Don’t Get Called on the Carpet” – Employment practice insurance
  • “Have You Been Hacked?” – Liability and cyber insurance
  • “Is it Hazardous?” – Pollution insurance – Do cleaners need it?
  • “Is it in Your Hands?” – Bailee’s insurance coverage
  • “When It’s Hot, It’s Hot” – Fire insurance coverage


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