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Strength through association

CFI is dedicated to you, the cleaning professional. Our founding fathers, Gene and George Jansen, had a great idea. They believed that if area cleaners shared experiences and information as a group, the industry and consumers, as a whole, would benefit.

Firm Membership

Firms in the cleaning and restoration industry.

  • Practical Business Solutions
  • Tactical Hands-On Education
  • Networking with Industry Professionals
  • and More!

Associate Membership

Companies who’s 95% of their business is directed to the Cleaning Industry.

  • Carpet & Maintenance Supply Companies
  • Drapery Supply Companies
  • Leather Supply Companies
  • Color & Dye Companies

Associate Platinum Membership

Any company who provides services or products to the general public.

  • Marketing Firms
  • Restoration Supply Firms
  • Social Media Firms
  • Telecommunication Firms
  • Financial Lending Firms

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