CFI Secretary~Treasurer Roby Harris

My goal is to become an instructor to give back to the up and coming cleaners who value education and personal growth. In the 20 years I have been in the cleaning industry, one of the biggest investments I have ever made was in myself. Taking time off to drive for two hours or more, to sit in a class room for a day, the cost to stay in a hotel room and lose time away from work and family was a big sacrifice. Although I lost money by passing up jobs, making those sacrifices paid in knowledge and confidence that I have received over the years in my industry.

My education gave me the confidence to clean any type of fabric, from wool to raw silk and the ability to identify carpet types, man made to natural fibers. My wife and I started our cleaning service as a janitorial business and quickly realized that cleaning carpet and upholstery was more profitable. We also added on services from wood cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and decorative stone honing and polishing. I became a Certified Master Cleaner through the IICRC and I will continue my education in the future for the betterment of my business and our industry.