CFI Director Mark Goodman

Fibermark owner Mark Goodman has been in the cleaning and problem solving business for over 30 years. Working for his family’s company at a very early age, Mark learned that you need to be different, you need to stand out and you need to have integrity. Located in Santa Monica, CA, clients, designer’s and showrooms consider them the best of the best. Just call Fibermark, “they can do it!” At 45, Mark and his team strive to figure out solutions to their client’s dilemmas. A slogan of theirs is “Fulfilling needs drives us, but exceeding them fuels us.” Mark enjoys talking with callers, explaining what they should be looking for in a cleaner. He explains that he is not the cheapest, but will continue to talk and educate the caller even if they do not use him. Often the caller will call back to book work. Mark’s role at work is more of a consultant, sound board and devil’s advocate when it comes to his team. “Work smarter, help your team grow as individuals and be fair” – Mark J. Goodman