CFI Director Andy Smith

Andy Smith was an “Air Force Brat” who moved a lot during childhood. Therefore, when he met his future wife, Amy, and her family who had such deep roots in the Sonoma Valley, he knew he wanted to set down roots there, too. Andy and Amy were married in July 1993, and by October that year he began working for Gene Marcinkowski as a carpet cleaning technician. There was no nepotism here! As the new, young guy, Andy worked nights, weekends and his hourly wage was around $7.50/hour! Through the years Andy’s responsibilities grew, and by the early 2000s Andy was Service Manager of Gene’s company, in charge of hiring, training, and running a small fleet of trucks. In addition, he held the position of NorCal Director for the CFI..

By 2005 Gene was ready to retire and Andy and Amy purchased Imperial Services. Facing a crossroads of retaining employees and a large shop or downsizing, they decided to return Imperial to a smaller scale, husband-and-wife operation. One truck, one small shop, and the most professional, detailed service possible. Weathering the recession in this manner, Andy and Amy raised their three wonderful children and kept their business #1 in the Sonoma Valley. In 2017 Imperial Services was named “Best Carpet Cleaning Service” in Sonoma’s annual People’s Choice Awards, a great honor and tribute to Andy’s near-quarter century of experience in the industry.